The AAT “Course” to

Home Selling Success

The AAT "Course" to Home Selling Success - Start
1- Complete Documents

Complete Documents

2 - Staging & Photos

Staging & Photos

3 - Yard Sign & Lockbox

Yard Sign & Lockbox

4 - Coming Soon

Coming Soon

5 - Listing Goes Live

Listing Goes Live

6 - Showings


7 - Offer & Negotiate

Offer & Negotiate

8 - Offer Accepted

Offer Accepted

9 - Inspection


10 - Appraisal


11 - Final Walkthrough

Final Walkthrough

12 - Closing


13 - Keys & Final Details

Keys & Final Details

The AAT "Course" to Home Selling Success - Finish

The Andy Alger Team

Five Step Marketing Strategy

Step 1 - Package for Profit

Package for Profit

Packaging a home for profit increases BUYER APPEAL and VALUE. Results are a home SOLD faster!

We will:

  • Leverage the 4 key buyer “hot spots” in order to capture their hearts and best offers.
  • Put into action our proven strategies for effective Buyer Showings and Open Houses.
  • Make your home stand out above the competition with professional staging and photography.
  • Increase the chance of selling your home for 3% more and selling 23 days faster by offering a seller provided Home Warranty.
What This Means For You:

MORE Buyer excitement, MORE showings, MORE offers and a greater sale price!

Step 2 - Best List Price

Best List Price

Pricing is trickier than it appears and is a true balancing act.

We will:

  • Show you the “Macro” Market trend, giving you an accurate overview of where the overall market is and more importantly where it is going.
  • Give you a detailed picture of what the “Micro” Market may be saying about homes similar to yours. This data can be very different than the “Macro” Market.
  • Employ a pricing strategy known as “Slightly Less, Slightly More.” We actively market at a price higher than where similar homes are selling, yet below the competition.
What This Means For You:

Strategic pricing results in increased interest from potential buyers, with heightened interest building a strong demand for your house.

Step 3 - Total Exposure

Total Exposure

The more exposure, the greater your profit!

We will:

  • Unleash “shock and awe” marketing, alerting over 3 million buyers to your home on day one and every day after!
  • Feature your home immediately on the most visible and effective Real Estate search engines such as Zillow, and Trulia, ensuring maximum exposure.
  • Expose your home to millions of people through our KW relocation network, the largest in the country.
  • Immediately follow-up with agents for critical feedback on how the market is responding to your home.
What This Means For You:

Our Team utilizes all resources to maximize the buyer flow, which generates an on time sale and the HIGHEST sale price.

Step 4 - Worry Free

Worry Free

There are many moving pieces in a Real Estate transaction. Things can go bad quickly if complete attention to detail is not a priority.

We will:

  • Provide a team of skilled professionals to oversee the details and anticipate problems before they arise. This assures you a “worry free” transaction, letting you live your life and leave the details to us!
  • Walk you through the entire process and properly set expectations to avoid surprises.
  • Manage the “selling team” including home inspectors, appraisers, lenders, and the title company.
  • Use the most current and detailed Transaction Management system, based on proven checklists and processes, so that nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Frequent and consistent communication so you always stay “up-to date.”
What This Means For You:

You have peace of mind knowing all the bases are covered.

Step 5 - Quality Company

Quality Company

When you hire the Andy Alger Team, you also hire Keller Williams, the #1 Real Estate Company in North America. A company’s culture reflects how their clients are treated and the quality of service it delivers. QUALITY makes the difference!

  • KW is a company that matches the values of the Andy Alger Team, with high standards of honesty, integrity, and just simply doing the right thing.
  • KW mirrors our philosophy of always putting our client first, while going the “step beyond.”
  • KW leads the industry with technology innovation. Our team leverages the technology to create a better experience for you.
  • KW is full service. All of your needs are under one roof (Real Estate, Mortgage and Title).
  • All of this has led to KW becoming the #1 Real Estate Company in North America:
    • #1 Most Innovative Real Estate Company – Fast Company
    • #1 Training Company in all industries worldwide – Training Magazine
    • Indeed #1 in Customer Service – Newsweek
    • #2 Happiest Company in America – CareerBliss
    • Top Rated Workplace – Best Culture
  • Put our entire “Sales Force” of specialized associates to work for you!
What This Means For You:

You get a world-class company that joins forces with me to deliver the highest level of customer service to you!

Preparing for Photography

Our Team will schedule and cover the cost of photography in preparation to list your house. Once complete, you will receive a set of the photos via email.


  • Garage doors closed
  • Remove cars from drive & front of home
  • Refresh yardwork (mow, trim, rake)
  • Tidy up the yard (e.g., hoses, garbage bins, toys, pet waste, sport items, etc.)
  • Clear snow from drive, walks, & decks
  • Clean/straighten any deck & pool areas


  • Turn on ALL lights
  • Open window shades and curtains
  • Clean up all entryways (no shoes, etc)
  • Clean windows
  • De-clutter entire house. Use hiding spaces: closets, washer/dryer, dishwasher, pantry, cupboards, etc.


  • Completely CLEAR all countertops
  • Clean off front of refrigerator
  • Hide garbage cans
  • Put dishes/dish drainer away
  • Remove cleaning items from sink area
  • Pick up small rugs to show off the floor
  • Sweep floors and swipe clean all surfaces


  • Clean countertops completely
  • Make sure toilet lid is down
  • Close all cabinet doors
  • Remove personal care/cleaning items from shower/bath
  • Neatly arrange towels
  • Empty trash cans

Living Room

  • Sweep floors and dust surfaces
  • Remove stacks of papers/magazines
  • Straighten/de-clutter mantle & shelves
  • Straighten up furniture
  • Arrange furniture pillows neatly
  • Remove toys & other small objects


  • Beds are made, tucked & straighten
  • Declutter tops of nightstands & dressers
  • Hide/put away cords & cables
  • Clean and organize under bed – make sure nothing shows from underneath
  • Take down posters/stickers on walls & doors

Dining Room

  • Clean off table
  • Dust surfaces & sweep floors
  • Straighten all chairs
  • Remove any booster seats
  • Remove unneeded furniture/items from room
  • Stage the table w/ flowers, placemats, etc

Pets & Other

  • Remove visable signs of pets including: food bowls, toys, litter boxes, etc.
  • Remove all pet hair from furniture and rugs
  • De-clutter basement: organize storage space and remove any unnecessary items
  • Take a step back and look around, put all unnecessary things away

How to Plan for Showings


Be as accommodating as possible to potential buyers in regard to accepting showing requests, that way missed opportunities will be avoided


Make sure all members of your household know about showings in advance, get all on the same page on keeping the house in show-ready condition

Clean Daily

Take care of daily mess, declutter household “hot spots”, clean kitchen counter tops and bathrooms before leaving the house


Be mindful of strong-smelling food odors when preparing meals; plan for neutral smelling meals and empty trash cans the night before showings

Pet Aware

Clean up after pets immediately – both inside and outside; wash or vacuum any fur coated areas; hide pet food and litter; keep in mind, not all buyers are pet lovers


Open all blinds and curtains throughout the house; leave lights on in all rooms if possible; the more light a house has, the better it shows


Maintain a comfortable temperature within the house; not only is this pleasant when showing the house, it lets buyers know that the HVAC works properly


Place all personal items including valuables, prescriptions and other sensitive items out of sight and in a safe place during this time

Take Leave

Plan to be out of the house at least 15 minutes prior to a showing and for the duration; having the seller present tends to make buyers feel uncomfortable

Helpful Videos for Sellers

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