Buying a House:

6 Steps to Success

1- Know Your Own Strength

Know Your Own Strength

Mortgage Pre-Approval is fast, easy and critical! It shows our buyers vital information such as the type of loan that best fits their needs and how much home they can afford (we don’t want our buyers “house poor”). It also demonstrates to all the sellers that our buyers are ready, willing, and ABLE. This increases our buyer’s chances of securing the home they want.
2 - Inventory Access "Plus"

Inventory Access “Plus”

During the house hunting process, we join forces with our buyers by combining internet, MLS, and “Hidden Inventory” searches (homes that are not on the market yet, private sellers, etc). We also immediately place our buyers on a “First Alert Notification.” These steps ensure our buyers have MORE options and they get them QUICKER, so they can make the BEST choice and get the new listings faster than the internet gets them!

3 - Buying Smart

Buying Smart

The BEST purchase price does not always mean the LOWEST price, especially in a competitive environment. Equipped with Market Knowledge and our 20+ years of experience, our buyers are confident they will have the best chance at securing the home at the best price without over-paying.

4 - Inspect, Inspect, Inspect

Inspect, Inspect, Inspect

Once we have professionally negotiated the offer for our buyers, we now move to the inspection step. This phase is vital in discovering the condition of the home to assure our buyers are getting a solid home with little or no unfortunate and costly surprises.

5 - Attention to Details

Attention to Details

We realize our buyers have a life outside of the home-buying process. Therefore, our goal is to have our buyers experience a hassle-free purchase. We accomplish this with the use of proven checklists and systems that make sure no detail is overlooked. We provide consistent updates to our buyers so they know where they are in the process, and this means less stress.

6 - Clear to Close

Clear to Close

These are the sweetest words our buyers hear! This means their lender is ready to finalize the sale. All legal and financial transactions take place at the closing and conclude with keys to their new home.

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